About us

The idea of a kizombafestival was born in 2009 when kizomba was still just a baby in Poland. and in the rest of Europe.

However - the first edition, which took place in March 2010, united over 200 crazy kizombeiros in Warsaw, and the best possible kizomba teachers' crew and gave a huge push to the development of kizomba in Poland. :) Do you still remember those parties? :-)

Since then, there were 5 more editions, with each one we have been trying to improve, and with each one we grew bigger and bigger.  We've had participants coming from Germany, Slovakia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Holland, Portugal, UK, and many other countries! From the very beginning we have also had huge mental support from the Embassy of Angola in Poland - we really appreciate that! 

We have grown a lot in these 6 years - as dancers, and as promoters. It's all thanks you you!


Now, let's cumulate the energy for 2017! The 8th edition on April 21-23rd 2017! Some changes coming, so keep track on us!  :)

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