Last year we celebrated our special 10 years’ anniversary! And we dare say, thanks to you - it was LE-GEN-DA-RY! ♥
At some point were also called “the Surviror” – obviously the oldest still running kizomba event of all the world kizomba festivals right now... So, to stand to that name, we won’t hestitate, but open registrations for the 11th edition of Warsaw Kizomba Festival very soon!

The event dates are: April 17th-19th, 2020.

Our aim continues the same - to promote authentic kizomba and semba in it’s most beautiful classic form, and give you opportunity to learn, socialise, chill and have super quality time in our family-like ambience!

The venue continues – Hotel NOVOTEL Warszawa AIRPORT**** (ul. 1 Sierpnia 1, Warsaw). Booking form coming soon!

Registration will begin in a few days :)

What to expect at the 11th Warsaw Kizomba Festival?

* A weekend full of kizomba & semba! All kinds of dancers are more than welcome, we will try to come up to all sort of music expectations, but please remember, that in this event it’s not urban kiz  that takes the lead, but yes – kizomba and semba.  

 * Over 32 hours of workshops from improver to advanced level to chose from!  There will be some workshops on Friday afternoon, and Saturday and Sunday during the day , always at least 3 rooms running simultanously, and a variety of classes to chose from.

* 3 main night parties (Friday-Sunday),with 2 dancefloors, and amazing DJs, who will make you dance your feet off!  A pre-party on Thursday, April 16th is also scheduled. 

* Social dancing – during daytime on Saturday and Sunday we will be having a social dancing area open for all festival participants – outside in the garden if the weather permits, or otherwise indoors. We also plan to have a short Friday afternoon warm-up social dancing area.

* Quality Teachers – as always our top concern – most of them are not just “invited teachers”, but have been wth us since the beginning, so we prefer to call them Family now! :) They are the ones who no only know how to have fun on the dancefloor, but also know how to share their knowledge with you in their class! Check out the full line-up here!

* Live music...? Yes? No? Maybe...? Well, stay tuned, for now we will keep it a secret... :)

* Please note that among many ticket options we have something that other festival organisers DON’T – the PARTY PASS+ (PLUS) option – a pass for all those who’ve always hesitated between getting Full or Party Pass – it’s a ticket which allows you to enter 3 chosen workshops from the general schedule plus, of course, all parties&socials.

Dear Warsaw Kizomba Festival Family!

Despite our greatest hopes and wishes, unfortunately the COVID-19 situation is only worsening in Poland now, with schools, universities and all events being closed down, with a traveling ban coming soon into life, too. :( 

It’s not only forbidden by law but also would be highly irresponsible of us to pretend nothing is happening and proceed with holding on to this year’s edition of the WKF. A dance festival, with hundreds of people from all over the world, hugging each other all day long is a top risk event, one person could easily pass the virus to all participants.

We are heartbroken but we are forced to take the decision to cancel the April event.  ☹

Some of you are asking us to wait some more weeks and see what April brings, unfortunately, just like many other event hosts we have already had to cover huge, nonrefundable organisational costs , that get bigger every day, so for us it’s also a matter of how much $$$ we lose, and IF at all WKF can survive this crisis.

Our plan is to host a smaller international event this summer, let’s call it … WKF 10 ½ (dates and line-up coming soon), and hope next year brings us better circumstances to have a proper 11th Warsaw Kizomba Festival like the ones you are used to.

Please hold on a few more days, we are working on our refund procedures to make it quicker and user-friendly for both you and us.

It will also be possible to transfer this year’s passes to next year , or use them for the 10 ½  WKF. We will come back soon with all the details.

Stay well, let’s not let the Corona-Sh*t spread and kill our passions!

Ola Leszczewicz & the Festival Team


As we announced before, due to the coronavirus chaos in Europe we have been forced to put off the 11th Warsaw Kizomba Festival to another date.

At first we were seeking a possible date this year, unfortunately, almost ALL our Artists are fully booked until the end of 2020. The venue - Novotel hotel - doesn't have availability either :( That's why the only thing we can do is move the event one year ahead, to 2021. We are also moving it to the month of May, which is a much warmer and more stable time in Poland. 

The new date is 14-16 May 2021. If possible, we encourage you to transfer your ticket to next year, this will be the best way to support the future of this event, as it has already suffered a huge damage due to COVID-19 epidemy this year. However if you prefer a refund instead, we are ready to do it.

We will start all refunds / transfers to 2021 after March 22nd. Please give us a few more days.

If the next year's date is unavailable for you, please check out other Warsaw dance events happening still this year - there are at least 3 festivals happening this summer and autumn. Our pick would be El Sol Festival 12-15 November 2020, at Sangate hotel (which is only a few hundred meters from Novotel).


Dear 11th WKF Participants,

As this year’s festival has been canceled, we have some more information for you on „what comes next”:

  1. All the 2020 passes will be AUTOMATICALLY transferred to the 2021 edition (May 14-16th). We really hope you decide to stay with us! We don’t need any extra emails or declarations from you for this to happen, in a few weeks as we begin registrations for the 2021 edition each of you will get an email with a new link to the ticket.
  2. You can sell or give your pass to another person at all times – as you know WKF has never charged anything for the name changes performed on the passes, you can change the pass holder's name many times as long as it is done before May 10th 2021. So if you are hestitating between a stay / refund decision, this may be a good choice, especially for those of you who bought early-bird passes – cause when we start sales for next year we will start with the current prices.
  3. Cancelation and money refund. Refund claims will be possible from now on until July 31st 2020 so you don’t need to decide now. If this is your choice, please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , putting „REFUND” in the title. Please give us 1) the name of the person who made the payment 2) the names of the people cancelling 3) payment form (bank or PayPal). An attachment of the bank transfer confirmation will be a big help. We will start processing the refunds later this week, but please stay patient if at the beginning it takes a bit longer.

Novotel Hotel management assurred us that all room bookings done via our link / registration form can be transfered to next year’s event date (May 14-16 2021), to do this you have to contact the Registration Department:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you very much for all the comfort words and support you keep sending us! You know how heartbroken we are to have to cancel this year’s WKF. ☹ The only hope we have is that we all meet next year, in good health, with many positive vibes to share some amazing dances on the dancefloor!  

Stay safe and #stayathome!

Ola Leszczewicz & the Team