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Once you register, you will get an e-mail confirmation, with payment details and a link to your personal registrationa page.  You will also find a QR-code there, which is also your E-TICKET to enter the Festival. 

You can make one payment for a couple of people, just make sure you give us all names of the passes paid.

Please give us a few days to put your payment into our registration system - we do it manualy. Don't panic if you get to see the " unpaid" status for a few days. 


The prices listed below are in Polish zloty, we use currency exchange rate as 1 EUR = 4 PLN. 

  🌟 Prices:
Early Bird - until December 15th!

Full Pass - 340 PLN (85 EUR)
Couple Full Pass - 640 PLN (160 EUR)

From Dec 15th - Jan 31st

Full Pass - 370 PLN (93 EUR)
Couple Full Pass - 680 PLN (170 EUR)
Party Pass - 150 PLN (38 EUR)
Party Pass + - 230 PLN (58 EUR)
Afro Pass - 260 PLN (65 EUR)

From Feb 1st - March 15th

Full Pass - 400 PLN (100 EUR)
Couple Full Pass - 720 PLN (180 EUR)
Party Pass - 170 PLN (43 EUR)
Party Pass + - 250 PLN (63 EUR)
Afro Pass - 290 PLN (73 EUR)

From March 16th - April 13th

Full Pass - 430 PLN (108 EUR) SOLD OUT FOR LADIES
Couple Full Pass - 760 PLN (190 EUR) 
Party Pass - 190 PLN (48 EUR)  SOLD OUT FOR LADIES
Party Pass + - 270 PLN (68 EUR)  SOLD OUT
Afro Pass - 310 PLN (78 EUR)  SOLD OUT

At the door (if still available)

Full Pass - 440 PLN (110 EUR) 
Couple Full Pass - 800 PLN (200 EUR) 
Party Pass - 200 PLN (50 EUR) 
Party Pass + - 280 PLN (70 EUR) 
Afro Pass - 330 PLN (83 EUR)


 ◈◈ What is included in each pass?
- ALL PASSES include 4 evening parties (Thu-Sun) and the 2 afternoon socials on Saturday and Sunday. 
Party Pass: all parties and parties only. 
Party Pass + : all parties and 3 chosen workshops from the main schedule
Afro Pass : all parties, and all solo workshops (afro-house, kuduro, tribal, ginga)
Full Pass: all parties, and all workshops from the main schedule (master classes or bootcamps are not included)
Couple Full Pass - same features as Full Pass, but with a better price for a dama&muadje combo :)



PARTICIPATION TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the 9th Warsaw Kizomba Festival (20-22 April 2018):

  • The Festival is organised by BOM DIA Sp. Z O.O. ul. Bogumińska 4a, 03-619 Warszawa, named further as the Organizer.
  • The Necessary Condition of participating in the Festival is the registration online , and transferring the payment for the chosen Pass to the above mentioned account of the Organizer, according to the binding price table.
  • After registration we send by email an access link to the personal registration page. You can check there your registration status and after March 1st print your QR-code ticket to show us upon arrival.
  • If you wish to receive an invoice , please tell us no later that 14 days after the payment.
  • Cancelation policy. You can cancel your purchase within 14 days after the payment. After that time if you can't participate in the festival, you can get your money back on the condition that you inform us before February 28th 2018. There is always a cancelation fee of 15% of pass value. After Feb 28th no refunds will be possible, you can try to sell the pass to somebody.
  • Owner changes. You can change the name of pass owner free of charge maximum 1 time. The deadline is April 12, 2018. Please send us a message via email to info@kizombafestival, and the new owner registers via the form online. After that date we don't be introducing any changes into our system, so no further changes will be possible.
  • The number of participants at the workshops and parties is limited. Moreover, the Organizer reserves the right to stop registration for either men or ladies to level the men/women ratio .
  • The Organizer reserves the right to introduce changes in the Festival schedule and the list of the artists and instructors, on condition that the standard of the event remains the same. The updates will be published at the festival website and Facebook profile.
  • Festival Participants must be aware of their health condition. The Organiser does not take responsability of any injuries that may happen during workshops due to .
  • The Festival Passes have a form of a wrist band and are put on by the Organizers at the beginning of the Festival and must not be removed until the end of the Festival. Only ONE band will be given to each participant during the whole event. The wrist bands are the only pass to enter the Festival classes and parties. Bands are waterproof so it is no problem to wash during the Festival.
  • Video recording and taking photos during any class or lecture is FORBIDDEN; it is only allowed AFTER the class AND with the consent of the instructor.
  • Organisers will be taking some oficial photos and videos to document the event and use for promoting their future events. By registering to the Festival you agree for your appearance in the published materials later on.
  • Any absence to the class or parties does not entitle Participants to claim any refunds.
  • Any improper behaviour during the Festival classes or parties, especially agression or creating a danger to oneself or other participants, and not complying with the Participation Terms and Conditions will result in the Participant being asked to leave the class/party without the right to any refund.
  • The enrolment in the Festival is equivalent to taking note of and accepting the Participation Terms and Conditions, alongside with agreeing for processing the personal data by the Organizer, strictly for the purposes of the Festival organization, according to the Polish Data Protection Act of August 29th 1997, the Journal of Laws No 101 par. 926.


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