Look inside to check DJs' schedule for the whole weekend! 

Thursday, April 4th

Let's warm up before the crazy weekend of the 10th WKF! The venue remains the same as last year's preparty. We will have 2 kizomba rooms for you, and 3 magnificent DJs!

Venue: AKADEMIA TAŃCA Ireneusz Sulewski –  Atlas Tower ( former Millenium Plaza), Al. Jerozolimskie 123a, 02-017 Warsaw. Level -1

DJs: DJ Tó Costa (Angola), DJ Bieliq (Poland), DJ Leao (Poland)

 Tickets: 20 PLN (5 EUR) ,

*IF you are registered for the 10th WKF a 50% discount applies: 10 PLN.



Saturday Night, April 6th, we invite you to the African Gala Party!

Dress code: Elegant, any African detail in your outfit will be very welcome. 

2 dancefloors

Dance shows at midnight

Around 1 am live performance by Ivan Alekxei

If you have any 10 WKFestival pass, this party is included. If not, the entry fee (sold at the door only) is 70 PLN.

Friday, April 5th

Dress-code: freestyle

2 dancefloors.

Around midnight Show Time! We have 2 dance teams performing, and our Polish Yola SemedoGosia Skrzyniarz who will sing a few songs live for you! 

Entry: pass holders - free. Otherwise: 50 PLN at the door.

Our goodbye party, chillout Sunday night!

Dress-code: Funny T-Shirt  (or other parts of your outfit if you wish)

2 dancefloors.

Price at the door: 40 PLN. Included in all passes.